We recently had the pleasure of meeting Cpl Reed and Sergeant Sudano, with the Collier County Sherrif’s office. Cpl Reed responded to a call that led him to a man named Edward. Edward is a former client of ours and explained that he was trying to get a ride to Helps Outreach to get some food. He told the officer that his friend Joe would give him a ride home, so Cpl Reed obliged and brought him here. Once they arrived and explained their situation, Edward was deeply saddened to hear that his dear friend Joe had passed away. Cpl Reed was kind enough to offer Ed a ride home, and while he waited for Ed to get his food, we gave him a tour of the facility. He was so impressed with our organization that he called his Sergeant and asked him to meet him here at Helps! We gave them both a tour and shared everything about what we do here. They were blown away when they learned that we rely solely on donations from Collier County residents and churches. We learned that Cpl Reed and Sergeant Sudano work closely with the homeless community in Naples and had several different connections that they could share with us. Talk about a divine appointment! Needless to say, we shared contact information with each other and we look forward to how God will allow our paths to cross in the future!