Attention: We are currently undergoing a remodel at our location. Because of this, we are unable to receive drop-offs at our location until September 1st, 2024. If you have donations, please call us at: (239) 593-3226 to make arrangements. Thank you for your understanding.

About Helps Outreach

Since 1999, we at Helps Outreach continue to uphold our mission to promote
the Gospel and Lordship of Jesus among all people. We demonstrate the love of
God in our community by providing goods and services to anyone in need,
without charge.


We Live And Proclaim The Gospel

It’s no secret — we’re all about helping people. Since day one our mission hasn’t changed. We continue to proclaim Jesus in deed and truth as we feed the hungry, pray for the broken, and bring hope to the lost by ministering to them.


We Help Others Because God Helps Us

Everyone goes through hardship in life, and we’re no exception. There was a time where we needed help, but God delivered us. And because God continues to deliver us through hardship even to this day, we rejoice in sharing His faithfulness and extend the same hope He’s given us.


We Uphold A Christ-Centered Community

We always aim to make Helps Outreach a welcoming experience for both our guests and volunteers. Everyday we clothe our ministry by prayer and by practical application of the Scriptures. Our guests are not here to just be served, but to be loved.


Helping Is More Than Giving

We go beyond the basic necessities of life, by extending our hearts to those who are hurting. And because we care about our guests, we start relationships with them to show the hope and life that is found in Jesus Christ.


Humble Beginnings

The Outreach began in September of 1999 when our founder Angie received a vision from God. As she prayed in her empty bedroom, God showed her the room filled with boxes full of clothes and other items. Angie proceeded to post a small blurb in her church needs flyer requesting donations for families in need.


First Facility

For 4 years we operated in Angie’s spare bedroom, but that all changed when her church administrator met her and suggested that we go lease some space. God blessed us and we moved into a 1500sqft. commercial warehouse on Shirley Street in Naples.


Expansion on J & C

After 3 years, we once again outgrew our space and moved into our current location on J & C Blvd. Because we continue to exapnd our operations, we’ve been able to impact the lives of our vistors.


Moving Forward

God continues to expand our territory and open new doors, so we rest in His faithfulness and direction.